Coming Fall 2015

In this handy how-to book, you can learn all sorts of useful skills. Hungry? Learn to catch a wildebeest the way a crocodile does. Need to make a shelter? Learn to sew a nest like a tailorbird. Lonely? Find out the best way to attract a female bowerbird. Who knew the animal kingdom had so much to teach us?

Butterflies, frogs, sharks, and humans all begin life as an egg. So does almost every other animal. The eggs of some creatures — including most mammals — are nurtured inside their mother's body, where they develop into babies that are born alive. But many more animals lay their eggs — either one at a time, by the dozens, or by the millions. Eggs come in a fantastic range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Animals that lay eggs bury them, carry them, guard them, or simply leave them alone. And each egg contains everything needed to create a new living creature.

32 pages
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
March 2015

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