What do spiders, bats, ducks, and sloths have in common?

Along with many other creatures, they turn upside down. A few of them, in fact, spend most of their lives this way. But animals don't go bottoms-up just for fun.

In this unique pop-up book, pull tabs, lift-the-flaps, sliding doors, and other interactive elements reveal how, for many animals, an occasional flip or dip is a matter of survival.

24 pages
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
August 2013

Leave it to Jenkins and Page to find another novel take on the animal kingdom—using tabs, wheels, and pop-ups, they examine numerous reasons that more than two dozen animals turn themselves upside down or stick their tails in the air.
Publishers Weekly, starred review
Jenkins and Page have assembled a fun array of animals that, for various reasons, view the world upside down. From beetles and snakes to birds and sloths, readers are treated to accessible, interesting nuggets of text that explain how this bottoms-up perspective is used to advantage.
School Library Journal

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